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Fostering Professional Development

Leadership Development ◼︎ Business Development

Retirement Coaching  ◼︎ Transition/Outplacement

We help clients increase their productivity and efficiency (helping to remove roadblocks inhibiting their productivity and success) as a strategic part of their business and professional development.  Using powerful technology for full and immediate visibility into potential career-derailing conduct, clients are able to convert data into actionable actions.


  • Consultation with manager and HR partner to determine the key success factors for the role and potential challenges for leader/executive.

  • Assessment of leader/executive utilizing behavior-based interviewing and other assessment tools.

  • Interviews with key stakeholders to provide initial information to leader/executive regarding expectations, culture, potential minefields, etc.

  • Verbal and written feedback to the leader/executive

  • Creation of a written integration plan

  • Meeting with leader/executive, manager and HR partner to gain alignment for the integration plan

  • Individualized coaching

  • Periodic check-ins with key stakeholders regarding leader/executive’s progress.

  • Observation and development of the leader/executive with his/her team

  • Evaluation of progress at EOE and planning for next steps

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